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About YAAP Fits


About me:



Definition- Glorious dignity, Strength, Power, Ram's Horn (shofar)

Qeren (Keren) was the youngest of three beautiful daughters of Job after the Creator made Job prosperous again.

The horn was also used to store eye makeup and most importantly sounding the alarm. Crying out loud and sparing not.

I am the 3rd daughter of my mom and dad,

And all of the above describes my personality.

I always had a passion for fashion. When I was a little girl, I use to make little pocketbooks, and even attempted to make my own skirt. 

I also have a passion for art and poetry.

I played the trombone in high school beginners' band, now I blow the shofar for our Abba YAH.

All of the above is who I am from my mother's womb.

The most high YAH rattled these former dry bones of mine and reminded me of who I am. Halleluyah


Defining the Bantu Woman’s aesthetic, from my perspective.



Glorious, dignity, Strength, Power


Strikingly beautiful, a perfectly made-up face without makeup overpowering the natural beauty.

Natural jewelry from the earth, blending perfectly with African clothing patterns that complement our skin tones, and unique body frame.

Effortless tunics, skirts and dresses, dancing perfectly in rhythm with every body movement, weather sitting standing, raising your hand to praise The Most High or bending down ready to kneel in prayer. Apparel that echoes confidence and Beauty in what I'm wearing.


Defining my lifestyle, what I do on a daily basis that connects me to The Most High, My Betwabu and to our potential customers.



My passion to restore our cultural attire with a modern touch while keeping it Set-apart is what connects me to my style of design.

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