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Mike Bearden
Mike Bearden

It's A Guy Thing: A Owner's Manual For Women [UPDATED]

Most startlingly, the manual assumed that cars would always be driven by men, with women only riding as "co-pilots" in the passenger's seat or back seat. It also assumed that women don't know how to wear pants.

It's A Guy Thing: A Owner's Manual for Women

Fiat says that the owner's manual has been pulled, but the Facebook page "Ni Una Menos" ("Not One Less") has posted several photos of the manual's pages. That means that they're on the internet, and since the internet is forever, those images will be, too.

Seriously: outside Saudi Arabia, how can anyone assume that the driver of a car will always be male? Or straight? That women will always be passengers, with no value other than their sexual allure? (FYI, the manual insisted that female co-pilots should "at least have nice legs".) 041b061a72


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