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[S1E27] We've Got Fleas

Mopatop and his assistant, Puppyduck, are two Muppet friends that run Mopatop's Shop. The shop isn't like any other store. At Mopatop's Shop you can buy anything you can dream of. Mopatop is always friendly, and likes to make sure his customers leave happy. Puppyduck is eager to help Mopatop and the customers, and he also loves strawberry jam. Living upstairs, above the shop, is a family of Mice. Moosey Mouse, the son of the family, likes to explore the shop. He's so small, it makes it easy for him to move around the shop without anyone noticing. Their neighbor, Claudia Bird, is friendly and warm. Lamont the Sloth cheerily makes deliveries, and Odd-Job Gerald can fix anything in a jiff. The show is imaginative and magical, with plots that range from finding a home for a box of fleas, to finding a new grumble for the Grumblegrouch.

[S1E27] We've Got Fleas



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