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Mike Bearden
Mike Bearden

Cinesamples - CineStrings CORE [KONTAKT]

the cinestrings core true legato is very well programmed. i found it completely consistent in its response throughout the dynamics cc range and vibrato cc range. there was no value where the interval samples drew more attention than others and the flexibility of the true legato programs in terms of speed and dynamics was true of all the intervals out to the octave. it seems like the four dynamic layers of intervals really matched up well with the five layers of sustains. part of the reason i keep comparing it so much to hollywood strings is because the other ensemble libraries currently being reviewed(spitfire audios mural vol. 2, cinematic strings 2.11 and 8dio adagio strings bundle) dont have 3-4 layers of legato interval samples in their legato programs and if you like to ride your ccs a lot, youll hear the difference. cinestrings core and hollywood strings are simply on a different level for that kind of performance, and my hat goes off to them both for accomplishing comparable levels of quality in their differing performance and recording styles. like any legato patch, theres a learning curve but i simply was not expecting to like the true legato patches this much.

Cinesamples - CineStrings CORE [KONTAKT]


the cinestrings core library is an impressive string section, offering four different microphone positions, an extensive articulation engine, and a host of macros and performance presets that will help you rapidly create tracks that will sound like they were recorded by an orchestral section.

the library features a wide variety of articulations, from pizzicato and col legno, to staccato and marcato. the articulations are perfectly tuned, allowing for unique and original results to be achieved. the library features a host of macros that allow for some serious creative control over your score, including a velocity and articulation sending page, a midi chord changer, a hardware control on/off switch, and a range of chromatic patches.


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