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The Four Winds By The Oh Hellos (Notos, Eurus, Boreas, Zephyrus) With Lyrics

In 2017, the band released the first of a series of four EPs, titled Notos, one of the four cardinal winds of ancient Greek culture. This EP was followed by Eurus in 2018; Boreas and Zephyrus were to come out back to back in 2020. Notos, Eurus, Boreas, and Zephyrus are the primary winds from the south, east, north, and west, respectively; associated with hot summer, stormy autumn, bitter winter, and life-giving spring, respectively. The four cardinal winds collectively are called the Anemoi, and thus, I refer to this 4-EP series as the Anemoi Cycle.

The Four Winds by The Oh Hellos (Notos, Eurus, Boreas, Zephyrus) with Lyrics


Texas-based duo the Oh Hellos are a lyrical, dramatic indie folk group centered around the talents of siblings Tyler and Maggie Heath. Their evocative, sometimes literary approach to lyrics first appeared on the EP The Oh Hellos in 2011, with their full-length debut, Through the Deep, Dark Valley, arriving a year later. Their second album, 2015's Dear Wormwood, was inspired by the writings of authors C.S. Lewis and Patrick Rothfuss. A series of EPs, each named for one of the Greek gods of the four winds, concluded with Zephyrus in 2020. The group shared a newly recorded acoustic version of their song "Hello My Old Heart" in 2021 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut EP. 041b061a72


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