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Best Calendar For Mac And Windows

Keeping a calendar can change your life. A calendar will keep you from missing meetings and appointments, as well as make your life a lot less hectic. Plus, having all of your appointments on your calendar frees up your brain to work on more important tasks.

Best Calendar For Mac And Windows

I hope this guide has helped you find the best calendar app for your needs. Whether you stick with a popular calendar app such as Google Calendar or go with a less conventional pick such as Timepage, keeping a calendar is just one part of being productive.

In recent updates, Fantastical integrated a weather forecast in the calendar so you can know if you need to bring an umbrella for your next meeting without checking different apps. And similar to Apple Maps, Fantastical will show you local weather for other locations when the address is part of the calendar entry.

Another well implemented features is the Meeting Scheduling. Fantastical now includes meeting proposals, which makes it easy to ask people what dates or times work for them for a meeting. The app lets you create a proposal with multiple times and the others will be asked to choose what times work for them. Once everyone responds and a common time is found, the proposal can automatically be turned into an event and added to your calendar.

Fantastical for Mac is free on the App Store, and there is a free trial of Fantastical Premium to unlock a many additional features like a iOS version, subscriptions to interesting calendars, 10 day weather forecast (free version includes 3 days), full task support for Todoist and Google Calendar, templates, and more.

BusyCal does support natural language input through its quick entry box. Apple Calendar works in much the same way here. The menu bar application supports it as well. Elsewhere, BusyCal offers many of the same features as Fantastical: time travel support and calendar sets.

It lacks a natural language input, but it does have a Calendar Store. The store is an exciting add-on. You can add things like weather forecasts, famous birthdays, sports calendars, and more to your list. In addition, it includes macOS Widgets, appointment sharing over iMessage, e-mail, and WhatsApp, and one-click video conference joining for Zoom, Teams, etc.

If you frequently need to create the same event for the near future, you can create a template out of the added event. It lets you compose an event with a single click. Need to add schedule from Sports, TV, Finance, and more? Fantastical has got you covered on that front as well. The app has added support for all the popular third-party calendars.

As for creating an event, users have all the options they can think of. One can create an event with location, Skype call, meeting notes, and more. Interesting calendars is my favorite add-on from Outlook. Similar to Fantastical, you can import schedules from popular TV channels, and sports like Baseball, Tennis, Football, Cricket, Basketball, etc. You need to add them using the Outlook iOS app and then it will appear on the Outlook Mac app.

Any.Do is primarily a task management app that offers an excellent calendar add-on. I love the Any.Do aesthetics on the Mac app. You can change the theme and even choose from different background wallpapers.

Similar to any decent calendar app, you can fill up the event details with relevant information such as Notes, URL, location, and more. The software simply shines with the third-party app integration. Any.Do supports over 1500+ (Yes, you read that right) services, including some heavy-hitters like Evernote, Trello, Slack, OneNote, and more.

You can use iCloud with Calendar on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Windows computer, and on For an overview of what you can do with iCloud, see Keep your calendars up to date and share them with iCloud.

BusyCal also is one of the most customizable calendar apps for macOS. From the basic controls to how it is showing you minute details, everything in BusyCal can be changed. For instance, you can decide what should appear on the Info Panel.

While BusyCal provides a complete calendar experience, some of its features are well put into use by professionals who have to deal with a lot of tasks and event management. So if you are a professional, then we really recommend BusyCal to you. The customization option is also a handy addition for professionals as they can work around with every aspect of event creation.

Are you looking for a rather colorful and powerful alternative to BusyCal? Fantastical 3 for Mac would be a great option for sure. It too is a worthy upgrade from the default calendar app. It brings features that are smart, convenient and flexible.

When it comes to compatibility, Fantastical does not let you down, either. You can use this calendar app to manage multiple accounts from services like Google, iCloud and others. Thanks to the colorful sidebar, it is very easy to take care of hundreds of to-dos or reminders you may have. Even if you are using the menu-bar version of the app, it provides proper insight to your upcoming days.

Calendars can be boring if they are just calendars. With Fantastical 3, you get the option to add Interesting Calendars to your main calendar. Interesting Calendars are calendar integrations that you can have with Fantastical. Have a favorite football team? Just look them up in Interesting Calendars and you will have their schedule integrated into your main calendar.

Informant is yet another popular calendar app you can find for macOS. It does not have the most modern UI so to speak, but there is a lot to explore. Compared to many of our primary considerations, Informant has a clean way of arranging elements. You can not only choose between Viewing Modes but also customize how individual events appear.

A calendar that truly reflects your day: projects, tasks, meetings and events. Easily switch between Calendar and Task View, with the new Calendar for Mac OS. Rely on a single platform for all of your productivity needs.

So, in this guide, we will take a look at some of the best calendar apps for Mac. We will talk about the things to look for in a typical calendar app, the features, pros, and cons of the apps we mentioned in the list along with their prices if any.

A good calendar app should be a one-time investment. Even though macOS comes with a built-in calendar app, it is not the best in terms of customization, managing multiple profiles, or interactive features. Here are a few things to look out for when selecting the best calendar app for Mac.

Other than these, look for a calendar app with the best price, good performance with perfect notification delivery, and any other extra features. Now, let us take a look at some of the Best Calendar Apps for Mac systems we sorted out for you.

Another popular calendar app for Mac is Fantastical by Flexibits. It is available for all Apple devices i.e., iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch so you can seamlessly sync calendar across all your devices.

If you use any popular calendar services such as iCloud, Google, Outlook, or Exchange and want to upgrade the UI, menu bar, and the overall look and feel, then Calendar 366 II is one of the best calendar apps for Mac.

Unlike other apps mentioned in the list, Informant is available for macOS, iOS, and Android operating systems. So, if you have a combination of a Mac system and an Android phone or tablet, then this is an extremely useful calendar app to sync data with all the devices.

Are you not satisfied with the default calendar app on your Mac? WeekCal is an interesting calendar app that neatly integrates with iCloud, Google, or Exchange calendar services and improves it to extract the most out of them.

It is developed by Maple Media and the app is available for Mac (only with Apple Silicon), iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPod Touch. It provides a clear and detailed view of the calendar with a day, week, month, or year view.

We saved the best for the last. The last app in the list of best calendar apps for Mac is called The unique feature of is it available on all the major platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Wear OS, Web version, etc.

Easily create tasks and to-do lists and sync them seamlessly across all your devices with If you use any other calendar services such as Google, Outlook, Exchange, etc., then use to sync the events or tasks.

A digital calendar nowadays is synonymous with a personal assistant. You can create tasks and events, set reminders for important dates, appointments, and meetings, create to-do lists and shopping lists, manage complex projects, and many other things. So, having a good calendar app on your computer is very important as you can easily organize the data.

We saw a list of some of the best calendar apps for Mac systems that offer much more functionality and features than the default calendar app in Mac. We hope this guide helps you in selecting a good calendar app for your Mac and if you feel we missed something, please mention it in the comments so that we can review and update the guide.

Some calendar apps only go as far as providing you with correct dates. However, the best calendar apps on Mac OS 10.15 come with a variety of scheduling features that help you live an easier lifestyle. Read on to find out the 10 best calendar apps for your Mac.

To ease the prioritization, the app allows you to mark entries with different colors based on their level of priorities. You can also make the calendar pop up on your screen anytime by pressing customizable keyboard shortcuts.

This is the ultimate scheduling app for people with hectic schedules. A scheduling powerhouse, it contains your calendar, email, notes, tasks, and contacts app. It boasts excellent versatility, thanks to features such as the multiple calendar split-screen and file-sharing features that facilitate teamwork.

This app brings together the best of both email and calendar apps. The new Thunderbird email app comes you with a Mac OS 10.15 calendar app for free and task manager features, allowing you to easily book appointments while communicating and collaborating with others.


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