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Eli Sanchez
Eli Sanchez

Buy Oscar De La Renta Perfume

The worst reformulation? Oscar de la Renta perfume. The modern Oscar is screechy and artificial smelling. It is hard to identify any notes and it certainly does not smell of tuberose. It was off the radar, not advertised and losing space at the department store fragrance counters.

buy oscar de la renta perfume

The EDT has suffered much less. In vintage or modern, it is quite different from the perfume. Powdery and spicy and a bit sweet but not tooth-achingly so, it is pleasant, if not great, and certainly at least as nice as most of the newer powdery department store fragrances.

When I received the bottle I thought the name sounded familiar. Okay, my first thought was, what a beautiful bottle. My second was that it sounded familiar. It turned out that I reviewed a sample of the Oscar de la Renta Bella Rosa a while back. The sample size was used up and when I checked my list of perfumes to pick up, it did make the list. I also went back and checked the full review I made of the Bella Rosa (This link will take you to it). Clearly, I liked it enough to put it on the list to purchase for my collection, but had not yet gotten around to picking up the full sized bottle.

I am very happy with this perfume. I really enjoyed the scent and love that it is a year round one that can transition from day to night as the category is a very big gap in my collection, now much smaller. The bottle is also beautiful as part of my perfume display. I am very happy to have and wear this perfume and I am so pleased that Influenster decided to send it to me. I will happily use every drop.

If you are in the market for perfumes Sobelia has a sale going on for Valentines day. from now until February 8th, 2021 you can take an extra 10% off their already discounted prices using the code LOVE. (and yes they do stock Bella Blanc, I checked)

Oscar de la Renta. This was OK...I bought on a whim but it was a bit heavy/musky for me and made me a bit headachy! This happens all the time so I'm not blaming the perfume - I gave this to my mum and she loves it.

An astute businessman with an eye for vibrant color, de la Renta spent a half-century polishing his eponymous label into a global empire that sold perfume, accessories, furniture and, above all, elegant clothing. 041b061a72


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