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Eli Sanchez
Eli Sanchez

Buy Yamaha Clavinova ((NEW))

The Yamaha electric clavinova is very similar to that of a standard acoustic upright piano. It has 88 keys and up to three (though in some cases, one) weighted pedals for softening, dampening, and/or sustaining notes. Since they are electric, they have the ability to mimic the timbres of an acoustic piano and have adjustable tones as well. Every electric piano also comes with a headphone jack for those that want to practice but not interfere with those that may be in the same area.

buy yamaha clavinova

I just retired recently and decided to do something worthwhile with my time. I bought an alesis recital, and with the help of a good teacher, I am learning to play the piano. As a beginner piano student, I do like the Alesis as I have a lot to learn because I have had no prior music training. I have seen no comments by you on these models. I do plan to step up to a yamaha or casio at the appropriate time. My concern is, am I fooling myself by learning the basics on the Alesis? I do want to make sure that as an older student, I have time left to learn. Will the Alesis Recital slow my learning experience down? I do enjoy reading your reviews and respect your opinion. I purchased the Alesis recital due to low cost and positive reviews. No music store in my area.

As an ex piano teacher please give her the clavinova ASAP. It's hard to unlearn bad technique, and the cheap keyboard won't have weighted keys. This is key in piano - the instruments name comes from pianoforte - meaning soft loud - the first keyboard instrument where you could play quieter or louder by applying less or more force (prior to that it was a harpsichord which can't do that). 041b061a72


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